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How to use Collective Intelligence to innovate as one
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Have you ever wondered how some of the world’s industry-leading brands are able to continually come up with new innovations and find ways to improve their operations?

Catch our on-demand webinar, featuring speakers Frederic Alluin (Co-founder and CEO, Nextinit) and Rudy Gonzalo (Nextinit Collaborator), who shared their expertise on collective intelligence and its potential to amplify innovation through collaboration.

In our session we explore:

What is Collective intelligence

What it is and how it can help you thrive.

How to use it in Ideation and Evaluation during innovation

How you can generate ideas for both.

7 mistakes to Avoid

Steps to establish a seamless collective intelligence model.

Frederic Alluin
Frederic Alluin
Co-founder and CEO, Nextinit

Inspired by the power of collaborative innovation and its benefits, Fred co-founded Nextinit in 2013 and has been managing the business for the past three years. He is responsible for the development and continuous improvement of the platform, working closely with clients to ensure it meets their needs and expectations, while optimizing the results they are able
to achieve.

Rudy Gonzalo
Rudy Gonzalo
Nextinit Collaborator

Rudy is an advocate of Nextinit. Thanks to his positivity, creativity and energy, he was enlisted as an advisor for user tests, and is now in charge of the first evaluation of any new functionalities or features.